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Winning Tips That Will Help First-Time Moms How to Increase
Breast Milk Supply Up to 2 Years

Like every first-time mom, I did experience a low supply of breastmilk when I breastfeed my little girl which is more than 2 years old now.
However, because I delivered a c-section I entirely forgot to breastfeed my little girl at that time the moment I opened my eyes. However, the relatives of my partner reminded us to breastfeed the baby and I did realize that I forgot about it. I’d started to breastfeed my baby and I am so happy that my breast milk fed my baby.
At first, the colostrum from my nipple came out and it was enough for her little tummy at that time. My partner and I stayed for three days at the hospital and my milk supply is good to very good when we check out.

After a month, my milk supply was slowly decreasing and I panicked because I did not expect it. And to have my breast milk supply increased and abundant I did everything I could do.
Now after two years, I will share it with you so you could have ideas on what to do to increase breastmilk supply for up to 2 years or more abundantly.

Winning Tips That Will Help First-Time Moms How to Increase Breast Milk Supply Up to 2 Years and More:


Mindset is the most important thing of all to have an abundant and more breastmilk supply.
Your brain sends signals to your milk ducts to process more milk and release enough for the baby. It’s easier to breastfeed when your mind is set to breastfeed the baby whatever the condition and situation will come along the way.

Drink water more than you should be

When you are hungry from breastfeeding you drink water however it is not enough.
Drink water before and after breastfeeding to replenish. Drink more than 12 glasses a day if you need to increase your breast milk supply.

Take prenatal vitamins

Taking your prenatal vitamins, your vitamins before you pop helps you throughout the day. Newborns can make your night sleepless and go through the day. These vitamins are important also in breastfeeding as it was recommended by my doctor to help everything back to normal as my body, my c-section cut faster to heal and it did, and feeling good every day even though I only sleep 2 to 5 hours the entire 24 hrs. every day. Remember before taking prenatal vitamins, ask your doctor first.

Never go wrong eating broth or green leafy vegetables soup

Eating soup and broth can help to increase breastmilk supply and get your tummy enough warm food. The green leafy vegetable is full of nutrients for the baby and you. It also has folate for the brain development of the newborn.

Be healthy as possible and eat healthy food!

Don’t get sick. Remember that a newborn is dependent on us mothers and getting sick while they are so young is so complicated. No one can replace a mom’s duty to the baby even breastfeeding but if it is needed just make sure you have options and do consult some experts for some advice. If you have time to rest then rest or sleep,

Unlimited Latching and Be Well Attached

Unlimited Latch would increase breastmilk supply abundantly up to two years old. Never give up even though you feel nothing happened with your breast milk. When you think you feel that your breastmilk is low then do not let go of latching. Be sure that the baby suck

A warm compress is your friend

If there is no breast milk coming out due to low supply. And when a baby is not fed it can cause mastitis. Using a hot compress is a good idea. It soothes and releases milk from milk ducts. Stimulating the breast with hot water, but not hot though as long can tolerate it. Use a cotton ball to stimulate the breast. Switch both breasts to the baby and offer it twice.

A breast pump is your partner

Pumping now and then helps breast milk increase its supply. When the milk ducts are empty the brain sends a signal to make more milk. It needs to be emptied so it will create more milk. Do not forget to drink water before and after pumping to avoid the thirst. If the milk is not fed to the baby express it by hand or by pumping then store it in the fridge.

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Store food to boost the milk supply

Store healthy food in the cupboard. Breastfeeding makes you hungry all the time so have some food stored to grab as convenient as possible and easy to reach. You can store as many as you can as long as you can eat before the expiration date.

What Foods Help Increase Breastmilk Supply

These are the foods that I keep on eating until now when I decided to continue breastfeeding with my little girl turn 3:

  • Oats – Great source of Fiber and other minerals
  • Green leafy veggies especially Malunggay leaves – Make you energetic for the whole day as it is a miracle tree for everyone.
  • Water – Helps you hydrated in your entire journey of breastfeeding
  • Fresh Fruit Juice or Fresh Fruits – Source of Vit. C and get you active every time even if you don’t have enough sleep
  • Meat and Poultry -Provide the body’s needs for Protein.
  • Seafood – Fish and Seafood products are good for breastfeeding women but you should avoid fish high in Mercury, this is not advisable for infants and breastfeeding moms to eat.
  • Dairy Products- Cheese, yogurt, and Milk increase breast milk supply for the mother.

How to Increase Breastmilk Supply Quickly

My technique is to Breast Pump and Hot Compress:

  1. Warm compress was my friend. It helped to release milk from milk ducts so I had enough when there was time that my breast milk decreased and I didn’t have enough to feed my baby. Use a cotton ball to do a hot compress.
  2. If I have so much milk then I will pump and pump and store it in the fridge when I Have time to do it. I remember I was pumping at 2 Am in the morning to store more breastmilk.
    And if it feels heavy too I would pump. This idea helps me so much to increase breastmilk supply.

How to Increase Breast Milk Supply After C-section

It was hard when I had my major surgery and I need to be strong and able for my baby.
I did not breastfeed her when I am with her in the room because I was asleep recovering from the operation and low on oxygen. And when I woke up that time around 2 pm I think if I am right, I did not have the energy to carry her so she was fed by a bottle which is not right.
Then I tried my best to have the energy to breastfeed her.

These are the ways I have done this:

I let her latch on my breast and did not give up so the colostrum will come out as expected.
When I had the opportunity to eat food in liquid form and drank more water as I could.
I let her sleep beside me so we had a bond and attached to her
I asked for some support from everyone who can help me.
I did also a hot compress to let the milk flow and increased my breast milk supply.
The unlimited latching was good. The breastmilk flow heavily and we were so happy because I had so much milk!

First-time Mom Tips:

Enjoy the pain of breastfeeding. It will go away and you will not notice it. When breastfeeding makes you self comfortable and the baby. Do not be shy to ask for help because you need it so much
Be patient in everything.
Let her suck Enjoy every moment with your baby, and take videos and pictures. Time flies so fast and babies grow up faster.
Be always thankful to everyone who supported you during tough times.
Some are taking Moringa herbal products to ensure increased breastmilk supply.