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Why Eating Bread For Breakfast Is Not Our Common Routine On The Island?

Most of you know bread is eaten during breakfast on the table or when going to work walking, carrying a paper bag with bread and coffee. But not everyone wants to eat bread during breakfast. And this is what I will share with you! How come I did not eat bread for breakfast when I was a child.

What is bread? And why is bread considered of everyone what to eat for breakfast?

 A baked food made from a mixture of flour and water. Bread is an essential food for everyone who prefers it. Bread is made for consumption and selling freshly baked bread makes good money. Bread is baked and added with different flavors to enhance its taste. There are many kinds of bread made everywhere in every bakery that have their specialty of loaves of bread such as sliced white bread, pandesal – the most popular Filipino bread for breakfast, ensaymada, kababayan, and monay. Some have cheese and chocolate fillings, coated with nuts, sprinkles, and refined sugar.  

Why are All most likely to choose bread what to eat for breakfast?

It is convenient. Less time to prepare food to eat for breakfast. You just need a tablespoon of peanut butter and a cup of coffee then you are full! Time to go to work or If going to work you can buy and pick-up some bread-like croissants or bagels in a coffee shop or bakeries. Breakfast is just like that. No time for cooking after getting up. That is how it is in a city or urban place. But not in our home where we usually don’t eat breakfast.

Reason why I didn’t eat bread during breakfast

Bread is good for breakfast to eat. But not to our home in the Dinagat Island. I will you these reasons why I didn’t eat bread during breakfast even today when I am in there.

I grew up on an Island where bread ingredients were bought and transported from the city by sea travel.

Islanders like me grew up on an island where the weather didn’t favor our day-to-day activities. When it rains in the morning it will not rain in the afternoon and sometimes all day the islands experience thunderstorms. The weather changes from time to time so we are used to it. And in my place where I live there is no bakery selling bread. It is in the town 14 kilometers away from us where we can find and buy bread. Or if the weather permits the bakers to deliver their freshly-baked bread to us but we like it during snack time only. If you lived on an island your resources are limited and depend on your budget to buy anything.

Ingredients of bread are marketed from the city and brought to the islands by sea travel such as pump boats and motorbanca. If the sea is not in good condition or there is a storm coming, travel is on hold, and cargo including flour and other ingredients are stranded waiting for approval of the (sea police). That is how hard it is but everyone is used to it and that is why breat is not particular of what to eat in breakfast.

Our Parents and Ancestors choose Rice over Bread.

My parents and ancestors traditionally eat rice for breakfast even if there is no viand or even when a storm comes. We loved to eat vegetables, eggs, fish ( fresh or dried), sardines, and noodles together with rice. Bread is not for breakfast, we only eat it pre-breakfast because when I eat it, I will get hungry quickly at 10 am. 

How is that? Well, it is not funny to have a tummy ache when you get hungry looking for food, that is my experience with bread. Even today I got hungry earlier than I expected when I ate bread during breakfast.

Living within Means because of a Tight Budget.

Life on the island is simple. If you have enough money to buy the appliances you need. To pay electricity bills you could have a refrigerator in your kitchen. In my case, we don’t have enough to buy one. To make our food last longer we kept it in a close container to keep it away from insects and bugs. It is also the reason we didn’t buy bread a lot. Bread can’t be kept longer as it spoils the next two days because of the changing weather.

Bread is not our breakfast also when we have a shortage of rice because of some reasons such as we don’t have money to buy rice. We cook rice porridge to save rice for the next day. My childhood is not grand as it is but we are blessed with backyard vegetables and plates of seafood to eat, and also root crops or tubers like cassava, sweet potato, and taro.

Other Reasons Why I Don’t Eat Bread During Breakfast in my Childhood

Men choose to eat rice in what to eat for breakfast to have a full and heavy breakfast before going to work. They will not get hungry quickly when they eat rice in the morning until lunch. It makes them progressive during working hours and lifting heavy loads. 

New harvest rice is one reason you don’t want to eat bread in the morning. The aroma of newly milled rice is so satisfying especially when you eat it with dried fish together with sliced fresh tomatoes.

I love to eat fresh bread or when it just came out of the oven. The taste of bread when not too hot is so yummy during merienda or snack time and after school hours.

What can we eat for breakfast at home?

Fried Rice – I love fried rice when cook in a typical islander setting. Cooking in a firewood is the best. The food is yummier and tastier with it. We eat fried rice with fried eggs and slice tomato.

Sinaing na Bigas – Plain and newly cooked rice. Hot and but frangrant to smell. You can eat together fried fish.

Root crops or Tubers – Tubers like taro, cassava, and sweet potato is our alternative for breakfast

Saging na Saba- Banana if it is not yet ripe is good to eat a good breakfast with ginamos/bagoong.

Rice Porridge – We ought to eat rice porridge if nothing to buy rice for the next three days or when the weather is not good which it keep on raining for almost 3 days.

Well, white rice has so many calories but it is what it is with our customs and tradition. Now that I don’t live on the island anymore but only I go there to have a vacation for a few weeks, I regularly choose bread in what to eat for breakfast but I quickly got hungry before lunchtime. How ironic it is! But when I get hungry I need to eat first before them or find some alternative food to eat before my tummy aches so much. That is the reason why we don’t eat bread during breakfast.