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What do you do to make your electricity consumption minimise and within the budget as possible?

Is it effective or not? If not, I have some practical ideas you could do to make it possible without any hassle and inconvenience to every family member living on the same roof as you.

It is good to know when using energy efficient materials you will save a lot of money and energy. As a mother I need to know what tools to buy to save electricity. That is why I came up with an idea: what would be the tools and appliances that could save us from paying high consumption of electricity bills without suffering the quality of our daily basic needs.



  • Using these tools helps you a lot in saving energy specially when you cook outside your house. A windshield from winks circling around while cooking makes it more comfortable without hassle.
  • Saves a lot of time and effort from cooking as it will help cook faster than before.
  • It is cheap and affordable to buy.
  • Easy to install.


  • For stainless Iron, it is hard to clean and stays when dried -up
  • Too- wide for small casserole to put in. Suited for 6 inches or more for pan and pots use only.
  • Scratches are possible if not  handled correctly in pots. Better put in down in flat 
  • When getting food for transfer in a serving dish.

These two is the best option I like to show to you:

Windproof High Efficiency Gas Stove Energy Saving Stove Cover Heat Insulation Pot Holder Wind Shield

Brand new and high quality!

Energy saving, wind proof, high temperature resistant and aging resistant.

Controls the heat of a gas range,  raising heat utilization rate, and purifying kitchen air. 

Gather fire effect is good, the flame wraps in the middle, maintaining lasting heat.

Good heat insulation effect, radiation-proof.

Easy installation, convenient operation, avirulent insipidity, strong and durable.


Material: Stainless Iron

Color: As shown

Size: 25CM

Windproof Gas Cover

Another Alternative Choice: 


JS Torch Energy-Saving Net for Gathering Fire


  • Will make cooking faster than ever. Less time waiting when it will be finished cooking without hurrying.
  • Affordable yet reliable energy-saving net.
  • Best choice in reducing gas usage.
  • Imported from Korea as the product says.


  • Messy to look at.
  • You will need more of it if you use this kind of tool permanently.

Manufacturer’s Product Description:

 Torch Energy-saving net is a product of southeast Asia’s newest technology This product is made of super high-quality silver wire coil which is fully imported from South Korea When the net is being burned its metal wires produce a chemical reaction which enhances the combustion More complete combustion raises the flame temperature and minimizes the amount of carbon monoxide produced Moreover it lowers the possibility of the gas leak by the flames being accidentally put off Torch energy-saving net makes no smell no fume and no pollution at all You will surely be satisfied with this product

Main Features and Functionality

Complete combustion temp 1K1200 degrees C normal temp 600800 degrees Celsius

Energy-saving rate 38 two cylinders of gas are about three-cylinder

Heating efficiency rate 68 Standard 57

Carbon monoxide concentration 0026 Safety standard 0018

Torch Net

Alternative Choice:

Energy-Saving Net


Cooking dishes on electricity helps you save on using gas.

They say using Induction Cooker helps save energy, unlike cooking with gas. It is lower in cost because of the appliances low electricity consumption. There are settings you can apply when cooking for less time. Aside from that, cooking with an induction cooker is so convenient to do, just let it have its space in a particular area to maintain its quality.


You can use it anywhere in your house with an outlet nearby.

Alternative solution when out of gas. That is why considering buying this, is a plus.


You can’t cook many dishes with this for the same time in a limited time and situation you will have.

Xiaomi Mijia Induction Cooker – Smart Electric Cooker

Who doesn’t want a smart cooker? No one, right? Because it is good to have this product in your kitchen to use in every situation you are in. It’s like we are in a digital stage with this because of its sensor, it can control the whole system of the product. And with a high, low, and rapid power heating setting. 

Manufacturers Product Features: 


– Built-in 156mm Large Coil: With thicken power coil and double-stack design, the Induction Cookers greatly increases the heating speed.  

– 2100W Strong Firepower: Rapid heating, and supports low-power continuous heating.

– level Firepower LED Intuitive Display: The Mijia Induction Cookers comes with a 9-level firepower and the LED is always active to show you the heating levels.

– Anti-slip, Dual Protection: Anti-slip silicone is mounted on the edge of the surface to create friction and help the pan to be better fixed.

– Gas-cooled Air Duct Separation: Keep the stove from overheating, helping to maintain the product’s lifespan.  

Xiaomi Smart Induction Cooker

Other alternative to buy also:

American Home – Induction Cooker Stylish Design

One of the best products and quality Induction cookers you can rely on in cooking dishes while expecting lower electricity consumption.

This brand is already tried and tested. So what are you waiting for?

American Home Induction Cooker


Before when I didn’t experience cooking a pressure cooker I could even think about how to use it and what would be the result. And I’m just relying on cooking on a gas stove while waiting for my meat to become tender. Imagine cooking it for almost 1 hour was not enough and the meat never got tender yet the  burner consumed so much gas!

So, when there is a chance of using a pressure cooker even if it is also cooked in a gas stove. It is an advantage when cooking meat to make it tender in a lesser time like 20 to 45 minutes without worrying. You just get familiar with its usage before using it and read the manual first.

Toread Pressure Cooker Stainless

Most-Bought pressure cooker in the town as it has been reviewed well and customers have a great product response with it.

Manufacturers Product Description: 

  • One pot is multi-purpose, can cook porridge, can cook rice, can make soup
  • Ingenuity creates layers of protection, allowing you to enjoy the fun of cooking with peace of mind
  • High-quality aluminium alloy material, both spoons are heated and easy to clean
  • Smooth surface is not easy to stick to the pan, easy to clean
  • Aluminium alloy polished layer, anodized aluminium film, high-quality aluminium alloy material
  • The bottom of the pot adopts a multi-layer composite structure, which is wear-resistant and heat-conducting fast
  • 80Kpa high pressure, exclusive to you
  • Three-dimensional pressure to press out the nutrition
  • Congee, rice, steamed chicken, soup, etc. multi-purpose in one pot
Stainless Toread Pressure Cooker

American Heritage Aluminum

Manufacturer’s Product Description: 

Pressure Cookers speed up cooking time than conventional cooking methods. Suitable for your busy lifestyle as it saves your time and energy in preparing the best dishes for you and your family. Take on the right choice for fast, healthy and flavorful meals. This Pressure Cooker has an aluminium base cooking surface that heats up quickly and evenly, suitable for ceramic, electric and gas stoves. Get a better grip on its handle that has a safety lock to make sure that the pressure is locked inside the cooker and prevents the cover from being opened until pressure is safely reduced. With its silicone gasket and safety valve, you can ensure maximum heat tolerance and protection. This includes Steam Plate to elevate certain foods like vegetables and more. Do not fill the pressure cooker over 2/3 full for solid foods like meat. For soup, beans, peas and grains which tend to expand, fill in the pressure cooker not more than ½ full. For other food types, you may follow the instructions as indicated in the manual inside.

– Saves energy & time for cooking and

– Retains nutrients

– Silicon gasket for maximum heat tolerance

– Safety valve for protection

– Handle with safety lock

– Better grip handle design

– Polished aluminium body

– With steam plate

– Volume: 5.6 litres

– can fill in at least 3/4 solids


Everything is good using this product. A Multi-Cooker Hotpot you can use. You can do baking, brewing, broiling and steaming in this product. Easy to use and convenient in any way or place. While you are cooking with rice you can also steam with Multi rice cooker. It saves not just electricity but also time and energy in cooking dishes.

Multi Rice Cooker Electric Pot 

Manufacturer’s Product Specification: 

Stainless Steel Interior & Cool Touch Exterior 

The interior of this electric hot pot is made of food grade stainless steel and the cover is made of glass. With the double wall design and comfortable stay-cool handle, you can hold it by your hand without the burn hazard.

Multi Rice Cooker Pot

Toha Multipurpose Electric Hot Pot

An electric hot-pot you can use easily. Has an aesthetic design. A multi-purpose cooking pot which is fast heating.

Could also use for broiling, stewing, frying, and . This is a non-stick electric hot pot.

Product Description:

Multi-function Cooking Pot

1.5L Capacity

Long Handle Design

Ceramic Coating

Anti-Scalding (Double layer insulation)

2 Mode Heating 350W/700W

Multi-Function Cooking Pot


Everyone uses a refrigerator to use in the kitchen for food, drinks and frozen products for longer storage and keep its freshness for a long time to preserve its quality.

But we are also aware that these appliances consume so much electricity. That is why choosing the energy saving refrigerator will make sense while you are on a mission of  lowering your budget in electricity bills.

Just like choosing an inverter refrigerator which is a smart idea even though it is higher than those regular fridge you can buy in the appliance store or supermarket.

CHIQ 5 CUBIC FT Direct Cool Refrigerator

Fast cooling effect and energy-saving . This is an ideal refrigerator if you prepare cheaper. Most bought in the Shopee Store. And have good reviews from buyers too!


Fujidenzo No-Frost Inverter Refrigerator

Less time in cleaning and less time duration in opening as it has two doors which one is for the frozen foods and the other doors is for cooling and refrigerating items to extend its life for a little.

This style of refrigerator is a good idea when saving electricity consumption. Inverter-type refrigerators never disappoint its buyer. Why not buy it now if you have the budget? 

Manufacturer’s Product Description:

Built durable and energy-efficient, The Fujidenzo INR-82S is designed with innovative features like the Smart Cooling Technology which is automatically adjusts the temperature of your ref so you can keep food fresh for longer and save energy. 8 cu.ft. HD Inverter 2-door No Frost Ref HD Inverter 2-Door No Frost Ref Energy Efficient Inverter Compressor R600a Refrigerant Smart Cooling Technology – Built with multiple sensors to automatically adjust to optimal cooling for longer freshness & maximum energy savings Fresh Zone Crisper with Humidity Control – For Fruits or Vegetables Quick Chill Compartment Independent Temperature Control – For Ref & Freezer Eco-LED light Reversible Door Design Spill-Proof Tempered Glass Shelves Recessed Handle Textured body (Rust and Stain Resistant) Stainless Look Door Meralco Rating PHP 4.72 Dimension (hwd) 143 : 55 : 60 cm

Final Thought

Buying and using energy-saving products requires effort like research and choosing the best recommendation, asking about reviews and good experiences with the products. But when you get the best one, which is highly recommended, it will be right for you and help you with budgeting your electric consumption while saving energy and money.