The Best Pan-Seared Steak Recipe Everyone Loves

Looking for the best recipe for a steak?

Oven cook or pan-seared steak, which is better?

Preparing steak and cooking is so easy but we need to get the ingredients right for a more delicious outcome.
Rib-eye or new-york strip cut is best when running in a grocery store while in we can go to a market to buy a pound of beef and choose tenderloin. Tenderloin is the best cut, has less fat content, and is so tender.

I will recommend the pan-seared steak recipe that everyone loves for cooking steak as it is the best I’ve done so many times. Everyone in the family loves and enjoys its flavorful taste. You can cook in an oven anyway as of your choice and what is easier for you.

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How to Cook The Best Pan-Seared Steak Recipe Everyone Loves

1. Prepare the Ingredients

a. Olive oil
b. Kosher salt/Rock Salt
c. Unsalted Butter
d. Parsley and rosemary on other herbs available like oregano and thyme
e. Tenderloin or New York Strips cut meat/ Rib-eye Steak cut
f. Garlic
g. Spanish paprika
h. Ground black pepper

2. Prepare your meat.

Don’t wash your meat as you were spread the bacteria in your sink. Just wipe or blot with a clean cloth to pat dry the meat.
Clean the tenderloin by removing those excess fats and have your New York strip Cut seasoned with salt and pepper.

3. Grilled It.

Grilled your steak for two to three minutes side by side when it changed to a brownish color. Do not overdo the grilling. Take note when cooking rib eye, I prefer to cook it straight to the pan.

4. Pre-heat your pan

The best pan for the steak to cook is in a cast iron pan but if you don’t have it you can do it anyway it non-stick pan as long as you are happy about it. Invest in cast iron or stainless steel pan when cooking steak as it can tolerate high heat cooking.

5. Pour one tablespoon of olive oil into the pan.

Olive oil will give extra smooth flavor to the meat and this is good for low smoke points to achieve the best steak.

6. Add the grilled meat

After adding the olive oil, pan-seared the meat to the pan in high heat.

7. Add some herbs and spices.

First, put the garlic and ground black pepper with a pinch of salt then flip it over to maximize the flavor. Secondly, add the herbs like rosemary and parsley. Lastly, season it with Spanish paprika as it gives a little hot flavor.

8. Put the unsalted butter.

Unsalted butter enhances the flavor of the meat with herbs and spices. Basting the meat with the sauce from melted butter gives a satisfying flavor.

9. Searing the steak

Searing the heat means cooking in high heat and the beef need to be done quickly as it will be overcooked and get hard to heat.
Continue basting the steak until it will cook according to your preferences as medium-rare or well done. You can use a meat thermometer to measure if it is done already if you are undecided about the result.

10. Flip it over and over

By flipping the meat over, side by side like a pro helping the meat cooked in a shorter time until it’s done cooking for a shorter time. This will make the best pan-seared steak recipe you will ever have. Simple and not complicated to do!

11. Make it brown

If you are satisfied enough with the darkish brown color of the meat and the aroma of the ingredients cooked together then it is done. You’ve got the best mouth-watering steak like a pro!

Tip: If you want well done on how to cook your steak you better cook it a little bit longer as what I do. My best steak recipe is medium rare and it is so good to chew, just what you expected for meat to eat.

12. Rest for 15 minutes

Let it rest for 15 minutes before slicing those mouth-watering steak. You can put it also in a foil to help it relax and retain all the juice. Enjoy the best pan-seared steak recipe that everyone loves!

Sauce for dipping

We always choose a hot chili sauce and Worcestershire sauce, and soy sauce for mouth-watering taste (or liquid seasoning).

Side Dish for Best Pan-Seared Steak Recipe

Best with Garlic Potato dish and Buttered Asparagus

Hope you will be happy with the outcome as this is my best home recipe in cooking steak for my family. Let me hear your stories when you tried my recipe and I will be glad to hear about it.