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The 13 Awesome Trending Things And Ideas During This Pandemic Got Everyone Busy In The Philippines

From the Year 2020 until now, everyone is devastated but stayed strong. While in the Philippines, in my country, Filipinos also suffering but trying to catch up, get on their feet, and do everything that needs to be done to survive. So, some things are trending during this pandemic as everyone does it to have jobs and for everyone who doesn’t have enough food on the table.

Home Buddies

A Fb Group community with over 2 million members sharing each other’s interest in Home renovation, ideas, and passion. Tips are shared now and then for the benefit of each other on how to make their life comfortable while staying at home lying on the couch. This group is trending as everyone who likes home makeovers shares it with someone for better ideas.


A charcuterie board recently got trending in the Philippines on any occasion served while we are in a pandemic. During these past holidays, everyone did try to do their charcuterie board or order it online.

Dalgona Coffee

A coffee with Dalgona flavor makes life refreshing so why not try it? I remember everyone got crazy about doing it when the pandemic began. A Whipped coffee, topped with any powder or some honey, and crushed graham.

Nordic Style Design

Before the pandemic, people were busy traveling around or working in the office for 10 to 12 hrs a day. It is nice to have a nordic style theme in making a house. Outdated picture frames changed with a new design, a nordic style theme. A centerpiece like a hydroponic vase with dried fresh flowers goes along the white wall paint. New things create an exciting and healthy atmosphere while we are in a pandemic situation.

Air Fryer

This cooking appliance was known before the pandemic but when covid-19 forced us to stay at home. Some buy it online or in a store where it is available. Cooking without oil seems satisfying. There are many foods to cook in an air fryer such as potatoes, hotdogs, and meat. Convenient to use and easy to clean.ssssssss

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Dining with all the members of the family is a great bonding while eating and cooking Samgyeopsal. This got trending when some Filipinos were keen to watch Korean dramas and they all liked to experience how to be like Koreans by simply eating Samgyeopsal and other Korean foods.

Humidifier, Dehumidifier, and Air Purifier

Cannot sleep and have asthma, or too much moisture in your room? Well, you can try these three as this will help your indoor air clean, remove air pollutants and get away from allergens and eliminate foul odor. While staying home is longer than expected, buying this device helps promote clean air and results in a positive atmosphere. That is why everyone with an extra budget buys it without a doubt.

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Before the pandemic happened, some people were busy and had no time to get their homes organized. And didn’t notice they bought so many clothes that they don’t need or are not used at all. Decluttering those things is such a good idea within the pandemic to keep themselves busy like in the past. Minimalism is one example of somebody who gets rid of everything he doesn’t need except for those necessary things for everyday use. 

Arts and Crafts

Adding some arts and crafts in the house design and kitchen never gets old. Some make a design of their own and do it as a hobby then sell it online such as alcohol holder pouches, no-sew pouches, wallets, hair bows, picture frames, and many others.

Guide for making Arts and Crafts Handmade Books:

Food Delivery

The government imposed restrictions on going out so food delivery is the best solution. It helps people with no jobs by employing drivers for the delivery while small and big businesses in the food sector make money too! Customers order their food online and then everyone is happy! 

Kitchen Makeover

Those who got enough money changed the style and design of their kitchen. Kitchen makeovers are trending in this pandemic when somebody has nothing to do while we are in this situation. Those who can’t afford them prefer DIYs as it is affordable and fits in the budget as long as the outcome is good.

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House Renovation

Renovating a house is such a fantastic idea! Sometimes when browsing my newsfeed on social media I find many groups talking about how much they cost for all the renovation they’ve done for the house, the materials needed, and what is the problem to be faced in ongoing construction and after the house will be done. 

Baking Tools and Kitchen Equipment

Baking nowadays is a good choice in avoiding getting infected by a virus by going out to buy some bread and the like. Others bake their cakes and pastries and turn them into a hobby so tools and kitchen equipment are so demanding today.

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Final Thought

Doing nice and getting busier at this time makes everyone feel good physically and mentally while earning money at the same time. Many things and ideas trends create a good impact on the economy and everyone’s common interest.

If you want to suggest or add things that got trending this pandemic that I fail to include, feel free to reach out.