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Rhing’s Craving Ube Ensaymada Review: Why It Is Worth Buying For In Bulacan?

Looking for Ube Ensaymada that could satisfy your cravings?

Some of us have our bread according to the taste and softness we want. So, I discovered this bread last year which caught my attention, the Rhing’s Craving. They made pre-order freshly baked bread but you can buy it in assorted flavors and you can choose like a donut that can be put in a box of 6 pieces. We could eat any ensaymada anywhere but the best taste of fillings that this ube ensaymada has is so very good to try! And it’s worth the price to buy with this good ensaymada you will surely love when you try it!

What is Rhing’s Craving Ube Ensaymada?

Freshly Baked Bread made of flour, eggs, yeast, milk, butter, cheese, ube flavoring, and ube filling. It is an ensaymada top with a mountain of cheese and crazy good ube fillings you will never find from any bakeries out there.

This bread is the best for gifts on any special occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, and reunions, or for some reunion gatherings in small groups. Could be eaten with friends on a picnic and for the family having a get-together. It is good for pasalubong local or abroad too!

Rhing’s Craving Special Ube Ensaymada Pros and Cons


  • There are no cheese fillings inside and I love it with cheese inside. I am a little bit disappointed but it is Ms. Rhing recipe and not mine and I need to respect that.
  • This Rhing’s Craving Ube Ensaymada is pre-order so you better think before you crave. So, make sure to make the order and confirm it so you will get your share of this best-seller Ube Ensaymada they have!


  • The cheese on top of the ensaymada will fulfill our cravings which are so amazing, it is overloaded with cheese toppings. Cheese Toppings are so great and balance the flavor of the ensaymada from inside to outside of the bread.
  • The softness of the bread flatters me the most in Ube Ensaymada which can last for 4 days at room temperature and 7 days when refrigerated.
  • Smooth texture which I love in every bite.
  • Ube filling is rich in real ube or purple yam. 
  • Easy to travel and the good news is some Rhing’s Craving Ube Ensaymada bread has already been taken abroad by some of our fellow Balikabayan who craved it and bring pasalubong for their loved ones there.

Can’t wait too long and be excited to try? Click Rhing’s Craving FB Page here.

Buying Guide: Why Ube Ensaymada Is Worth Buying In Bulacan?

Rhing’s Craving just celebrated its 3 years in the business. Last year I witness Miss Rhings taking a leap in her baking business and adding some yummy recipes to her list, which is a wonderful idea. She made her fav also favorite everyone else’s every time she introduce a product, especially the Ube Ensaymada. Rhing’s Craving is located at Panique St, San Jose, Bulacan, Bulacan. Every Bulakenyos in Bulacan, Bulacan could enjoy the convenience of door-to-door delivery from them without a delivery fee if you buy above 250 pesos of any Rhing’s Craving products.

What encouraged me to buy the product of Rhing’s even though I did not see it personally, only on their Facebook Page?

At first, I saw that Rhing’s Craving Ube Ensaymada had an ube filling inside the bread and it had more cheese than no one had on top. They have more flavors and you can choose from them. That’s why I decided to try it. And Voila I love the taste, especially the Ube Ensaymada which is Ms. Rhing’s Favorite ensaymada too! The fillings capture my sleeping craving of ube since…

“A piece of this special cheesy ube ensaymada that makes you feel great from long hours of work and have it with coffee in merienda or snacks.”

Rhing’s Craving Customer Reviews:

Customers of Miss Rhing cannot deny the fact that they like it. They’re sending good feedback that inspires Miss Rhing to make more and bake more with passion and love. They love the Ube Ensaymada so much that just like me I like to order again every time I crave Ube Ensaymada and some of Miss Rhing’s bread and delicacies. Feedbacks are full of heart emoticons which are a sign that the product is loved by those who bought it, no question ask.

Check other reviews here:

This is the bestseller bread customers usually buy as per Miss Rhing. 

Bestseller: Ube Ensaymada 

2nd Bestseller: Assorted Roll – Ube Cheese roll

3rd Bestseller: Classic Ensaymada

How to order Rhing’s Cravings Ube Ensaymada 

Follow and Like Rhing’s Craving Fb page Here to order. Her products are pre-order which is good when you like freshly baked goods or bread. Just contact or message them on the page or reach here out at their contact number, 09238053324.

More of  Rhing’s Craving Product Alternatives

I like to recommend some alternatives too! you could try these three flavors of ensaymada I also like such as the Cinnamon Cravings and Bread floss in spicy and regular pork flavors. Every bite makes the bread appetizing and flavorful. It’s a soft and perfect bread to try while you are relaxing or having a bad time. These pieces of bread make you feel great about your life and see the good side of everything when you think there is no hope in some other things you worry about. Also try the Classic Ensaymada, topped with grated cheese and salted egg!

List of Rhing’s Craving Products – (Pre-order)

Ensaymada Per Box for only 250 pesos
Ube Ensaymada Review
Rhing’s Craving Ensaymada
Rhing’s Craving Assorted Rolls Per Box
Joe's Kitchens Review: Rhing's Craving Ube Ensaymada
Rhing’s Craving Assorted Rolls

Sweet Delicacies

Korean Garlic and Cream Cheese Roll
Joe's Kitchens Fodd Review of Rhing's Craving
Mini Donuts in Pastry Cream, Cremfil Bavarian, Dulce De Leche, Nutella, C. Ganache, Strawberry
Kutsinta In Yema Dip By Rhing's Craving
Kutsinta In Yema Dip
Rhing's Craving Mini Pie
Rhing’s Craving Mini Pie in 3 Flavors (Chicken Pastel, Ham and Cheese, and Pork Asado)

How to Buy Rhing’s Products?

Visit: Rhing’s Cravings Fb Page

Page Link:

Contact number: 09238053324

Address: 368 PaniqueSt. Brgy. San Jose, Bulacan, Bulacan 3017

For Delivery: Outside Bulacan Area via Toktok 

Notes: All of Rhing’s Craving Products are Pre-order. Just make a call or message on the page. Thank You!

Final Thoughts

Rhing’s Kitchens Ensaymadas is very good and I can recommend it to everyone who likes bread. So try yours now and you will be delighted with the result! The texture is perfect and smooth, the fillings and flavors are heavenly, and the best is, so much chees on top! The bread overall rate is such a good one and worth buying in Bulacan, Bulacan.

Order here:

Reference: Some photos and product details are from Miss Rhing that I asked for. Thank you for accommodating me!

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