Pinoy Style Chaofan Recipe By Joe’s Kitchens

Do you love rice bowls? How about Chaofan?

Pinoy Style Chaofan Recipe by Joe's Kitchens
Pinoy Style Chaofan Recipe by Joe’s Kitchens

Who does not want a chaofan to satisfy their cravings especially if there is a dumpling or fried siomai on the top together with a chili garlic sauce? Of course, No one! Everyone loves to eat something which has a yummy, hot but classic taste of chaofan, added with some leafy vegetables.

Filipinos love to cook and eat with something left over, so we adapted this Chinese culture and we can take advantage of ” The Chaofan” but as we are Filipinos we love to find and invent or try something new with the food. This is what I am talking to you about! My Pinoy Style-Chaofan by Joe’s Kitchens!

What is chaofan?

Chaofan is made up of leftover rice and mixed with some ground meat and slices, vegetables, eggs, and seasonings. Topped with a favorite dish like some fried siomai or dumplings or any other preferred choices to accompany the food served. 

Chaofan originated in China. Filipinos love to serve Chinese cuisine or food to every Filipino too! 

Chaofan ingredients could have many substitutes as long as the result makes your tummy and mind happy.

Chaofan could be eaten during breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Pinoy Style as we Filipino love to eat heavy meals but with good food.

Pinoy Style Chaofan Ingredients

Left-over Rice

These are the main ingredients of Chaofan. Newly cooked rice could do too! As long as it is cooked there is no problem with that. The leftover rice cup measurement depends on how many people would be served which will be the guide for how many other ingredients will be needed 

Scrambled Egg

This is also one of the important ingredients in making chaofan. Eggs must be present to make the dish complete and chewy and soft to eat. This is cooked separately fried or scrambled to retain its unique taste.


We could buy frozen mixed vegetables if they are available to reduce the time of preparation from cutting and slicing veggies according to their preferences. These vegetables are carrots, green peas, and corn and are added with water spinach. We can also add spinach to this if you like.

Ground meat and slices

Meat like pork and beef is good for chaofan. Some prefer other meat for this.  done my Pinoy Style – Chaofan with Chorizo and Hotdog only. Which is somewhat sweet in taste not unlike the fresh ground pork. It is also good to try something different from the Classic Chaofan Recipe we knew.


The seasonings I added are soy sauce and oyster sauce only which made my dish add color and taste as good as ever! They create a better companion to make chaofan special. Salt is also added if you prefer a little salty. But sometimes it’s not needed with these two which are already present in the menu.


Ground Black Pepper magically creates a great impact in every dish you will be cooking. You can add a little garlic powder too! Just a pinch though… Minced Garlic and Diced Onion make the best of every meal when they are sauteed first in low heat. Spring Onion makes the final spice to call Chaofan in my opinion. Hahaha! In my mind, when spring onions are not put in a Chaofan dish it cannot be called a Chaofan, even a bowl of simple fried rice, when I was younger we added the Spring Onion to them. So why not?


Some steamed or fried dumplings and siomai make a good meal with the Pinoy Style – Chaofan. Some sell and eat these with chaofan and call Rice in a box or rice bowl.

List of the Ingredients Pinoy Style Chaofan By Joe’s Kitchens

Kangkong stalks and leaves, carrots, onion, and garlic are diced and minced.

Onion leaves cut into small cuts

2 pcs hotdog medium size

2 pcs long chorizo

2 1/2 tbsp oyster sauce

2 tbsp soy sauce

Salt and pepper

5 to 6 cups of leftover rice

3 pcs egg scrambled egg.

For Toppings- Fried siomai and Fried dumplings

How to cook Pinoy Style- Chaofan by Joe’s Kitchens?

After preparing all the ingredients to be needed in the recipes and all are ready. Wash hands first and make sure the hair is tied to apply the food sanitation to avoid food contamination.

To start the cooking, break 3 eggs into the pan with oil on low heat and scrambled it. Stir until cooked and sit it aside.

Saute the onion and garlic in 2 tbsp vegetable oil, and lower the heat to avoid burning the spices. When slightly brown add the chosen meat and saute it until cooked.

Add now the 2 tbsp of oyster sauce and 1 tbsp of soy sauce mixture until it is seasoned.

Put the vegetables if not a mix of veggies, start from hard to soft then stir to mix all the ingredients with the seasoning.

Sprinkled with a teaspoon of black pepper.

After mixing all the ingredients, start putting the leftover rice on low heat. Don’t put rice all at once as it is hard to mix with the sauteed ingredients. Slowly put them until it is done. Follow the spring onions and mix them with the fried rice…

Taste your cooking and add more seasonings if tasted bland to make it a good dish.

Lastly,  garnish the Pinoy Style – Chaofan with the scrambled egg.

Topped with fried dumplings or fried siomai and use Chilli Garlic Sauce to appreciate the dish more.

Served hot to enjoy the dish. 

Pinoy Style Chaofan Recipe Video

Please watch Youtube Video here for the recipe.