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charcuterie serving ideas
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Why Charcuterie Is The Best Option?

During this pandemic, everyone is trying to enjoy themselves by eating, watching movies, or going to a place where there are few people. 

Preferring to eat with close friends and relatives at home is the better idea. And, Charcuterie is trendy this recent times especially with such an occasion where everyone can get together enjoying each other camaraderie. Eating with Charcuterie is so convenient for everyone and the host to prepare food. Easy to prepare and shorter time allowance is the reason. When Charcuterie trends around the world everyone has their ingredients and creative charcuterie designs which they like.

Before we proceed, I tackle first what charcuterie is all about.

What Are Charcuterie And Board?

Charcuterie is made up of smoked or cured meat such as ham, sausage, bacon, ballontines, pates, galantines, terrines, and some pork meat which is the meat that was processed and dried. And also consist of different kinds of cheese like aguoda, colby, cheddar, and many others depending on the availability in your area.  As time goes by, the crackers, jam or jelly, fruits, and nuts are eventually added to the charcuterie boards served together as an appetizer or meal. Beautifully arranged charcuterie boards are eye-catching to everyone especially to picky eaters and those who love finger foods. Charcuterie boards are the board used for Charcuterie such as wood boards, tray boards, and plastic as long as it is clean as you prefer using it.  But the food itself is now called Charcuterie board by some people.

How to Pronounce Charcuterie?

Pronouncing charcuterie in every way you want is okay but as said it is pronounced as shaar- koo- tr- ee.

How to Make And Prepare Charcuterie?

charcuterie serving ideas
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Plan what ingredients, boards, and occasions you are preparing for, and lastly who will be your guest. What food do they prefer? And of course, there is the wine for complimenting the Charcuterie plate.


In preparing Charcuterie you need to prepare it last minute so it will not be exposed for a long time as nobody wants cold food. Timing is important. Cheese must be first out of the fridge to soften. Wash the fruit and cut it into the preferred slice. Cook those meat needs to be cooked. 

Laying-out for Display

 Arrange and assemble the charcuterie with a clean board. First,  put the cheese then the little bowls for jam, and jelly. Add the meat, follow the fruits and biscuits, or a slice of bread and a bite-size cracker. You will not be wrong to add some chocolate wafers too! And leaves to make the food so lively. Lastly, dried fruits will complete the whole preparation.


Assembled and prepared nicely charcuterie that is planned for the occasion is much appreciated. Served with chilled red wine to complete the meal. Put in an area that is not exposed with too much air circulation as your food will taste dull.


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Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

1. Picnic or Dry Picnic

Going to a picnic with a prepared charcuterie board is awesome. Have its ingredients put in a ziplock or tight container separately when a clean cloth to avoid spoiling or getting contaminated. 

2. Birthdays

Considering the birthday occasion for the celebrant, asking what is his favorite finger food with charcuterie is a plus. Does he/she like cheese, jams, chocolate, bread, and cured meat? And what wine would he like to go in serving Charcuterie.

3. Meetings

Within a break and after the meeting, members of the committee need some aperitif too! Well, as a host they will be delighted about it for your thoughtfulness

4. Reunions

Alumni, friends, and relatives gather together to reminisce memories from the past. Sharing each other’s experiences while having prepared charcuteries is wonderful and can be added to memories.

5. Christmas Holiday

On Christmas Holidays, if you want something different to serve and prepare on the table, this is a good choice. Alone or with a  companion, no loneliness and boredom will happen in your Xmas holidays

6. Romantic Date

Requesting an order of charcuterie in a restaurant is the best to go with wine while dining together with your love. Or at home having together prepared charcuterie is one of a kind bonding before the dinner date.

7. New Years Eve

After having past holidays, you find another food to eat that has never been eaten by the family which is no hassle and lets you relax after eating.

8. Fiestas

Serving Charcuterie in a fiesta is most satisfying as it will break the tradition from a heavy meal especially in Filipino traditions.

9. Luncheon

At a luncheon party, offering a charcuterie in a buffet is good food for everyone too!

10. After Party

A table of Charcuterie is exciting for some guests after dining as they will likely enjoy the day and the food.

11. Wedding

Newly-weds are in mixed emotions during this day so they can’t eat. To avoid them getting hungry, serving prepared charcuterie for them is a good idea.

12. Anniversary

Remembering the special day with charcuterie and wine makes them feel love.

13. New Baby, Get Well Soon, and Sympathy Occasions

Everyone is busy and supporting a family member. Serving charcuterie as a thank you is the best you can offer to the guest.

14. Bon Voyage

Sending loved ones to go out of the country with prepared charcuterie will make him happiest and happy moments to remember.

15. Welcome Party

Welcoming a guest or visitor with a charcuterie is such a wonderful warm welcome to him. After traveling a long way, they preferred light foods to eat.

Why  Charcuterie Board Got Trendy recently especially in the Philippines?

Filipinos love to eat and try foods that satisfy their cravings as long as it is tasty and result in a momentum they are in.

For every occasion, preparing food is such a big deal but charcuterie makes a difference and is a special treat for every Filipino.

Charcuterie Can Make Money! Why?

Thinking of business? Charcuterie is the best choice as you can make charcuterie boards for every occasion I listed above.

With these charcuterie serving ideas and a list of occasions, I’m happy to share with you what is worth doing when it comes to our loved- ones. Preparing and assembling a charcuterie makes a good impression after an occasion and event happens on every special day in our life. So make the best of it!