How To Make Crispy Fried Tuna Wonton Special

Everyday it is an adventure to find new food to taste. New flavors to try and new dishes to cook.

Making everyone special and feeling loved is a mothers’ joy. So, as a mother, I love to explore things and cook food to eat which is favored by the whole family while eating dinner. 

After some searching on the internet, I discovered canned tuna wonton.  A finger food wrap with Molo, wonton, and dumplings depending on what wrapper is available or I can make my own dough but it takes time to cook with if i do it in the same time I am cooking the dish. So, I prefer buying it in the grocery or in the supermarket if any of those I mention is available. 

After watching how to make it, I was inspired to make the Tuna wonton and I added some ingredients according to my taste and for the family.

Crispy Fried Tuna Wonton Ingredients 

I recommend canned tuna for wonton choosing these ingredients to make the dish yummier and the star of the table. 

  • Wonton wrapper/Molo wrapper
  • Parmesan cheese/Cheddar Cheese
  • Spicy Corned Tuna/Tuna Flakes
  • Singkamas/ Jicama
  • Bell pepper (red and green)
  • Garlic
  • White Onion
  • green chilis (optional)
  • Parsley (fresh or dried)
  • Olive oil/vegetable oil 
  • Carrot (chopped)
how to make crispy fried tuna wontoon

How to Make Crispy Tuna Wonton Special?

Prepare Ingredients

Wash the hands properly or use disposable gloves when preparing the ingredients to avoid contamination and spoiling each ingredient.

Wash the vegetables and dry them. Chop and mince all the vegetable ingredients such as garlic, onion, bell pepper, Jicama/singkamas, and parsley separately. Put in the container and set aside.

Put the corned tuna in a bowl with a paper towel to lessen the water residue and if possible drain it to avoid watery when done.

After preparing all the ingredients. Prepare the vegetable ingredients for sauteing.

Sautee the Fillings

Heat pan and put 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil or olive if available. Put the minced white onion and garlic on a low fire. Add the chopped Jiacama/singkamas and stir to fry within 2 minutes. Put the drained corned tuna and stir-fry for a couple of minutes before adding bell pepper and parsley or if you want to add minced green chili pepper. To taste sprinkled salt and black pepper.

Finish the cooking with a 1/4 cup of grated cheese and stir to mix all the ingredients with cheese to incorporate all flavors.

Wash hands again to ensure food sanitization.

Fill in the Wrapper

Let’s start putting some filling into the molo wrapper. I only use Molo wrapper for my Tuna Wonton because that is only what is available in my area.

  1. Flat Lay the wrapper and put a 1bteaspoonful of sauteed filling mixed ingredients in the wrapper.
  2. Top with grated parmesan or any available cheese.
  3. Slightly wet the wrapper edges with water to close easily.
  4. Press to close its edges in a triangular shape.
  5. Do it again with the others until nothing is left.

Fry the Crispy Tuna Wonton

  • Heat the pan and add 2 cups of vegetable oil.
  • Make sure to put oil in medium heat before putting the Tuna Fillings.
  • Put the Tuna Filling in the pan to fry.
  • Flip each side when golden Brown
  • Drain the oil in a paper towel or in a stainless strainer.

Dipping sauce

Dip 1

In a bowl, put 1 cup of mayonnaise. Add 1 teaspoon of ketchup. Mix it together to combine and voila! Enjoy the Crispy Tuna Wonton Special

Dip 2

In Cup of mayonnaise, add 1 tablespoon of lemon and sprinkle some salt and pepper to get the sourness that you’re looking for. 

You can make your own dip sauce for it too!

Why Not Choose To Eat Crispy Tuna Wonton?

You will miss these facts if you do not try it.

  • It is good for the heart because canned tuna is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Adding Jicama, a turnip will make the dish crunchier to eat. 
  • A lot of vegetable ingredients were added to the dish.
  • A must-love finger food to eat anywhere like in picnics, get together watching tv, camping or fishing, and anywhere you want some crispy crumbs to eat. 
  • Can be re-heat and still crispy and yummier to eat 
  • It can also be stored in the fridge for how many days for take-away.
  • Crispy Tuna will also be made with a dumpling.
  • It is so good to eat because it is spicy and cheesy!
  • Choosing canned tuna wonton would make the best dish for the table as it is packed with nutrients.
  • Adding green chilis is the best of the best for this recipe.
  • So, That’s what crispy fried tuna wonton special. Why not try it now?