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How to Earn in Tiktok Philippines by Selling Kitchen Products & Home and Living

Is it legit to earn more in Tiktok Philippines?

 Yes, of course. I, myself, have been doing it for a while now. I make videos and live streams to make an extra come. Selling now kitchen products on Tiktok makes you earn more as there are more netizens or everyone using TikTok to ease boredom. They are making videos or watching videos at the same time while learning too! So, if you are not aware of it start reading this blog to learn about it.

Live Streaming In TikTok

How to earn in Tiktok while at Home?

By doing Livestream and creating very good videos that attract buyers and customers to buy more products. If you working comfortably at home, why not do it? It also makes you more confident and feel proud of yourself that you can face in front of a camera even though it is online. When at home you can create and make a good studio or space for making live videos. There is a collaboration with brands and creators also.

Can you make money on TikTok Philippines?

Everyone now enjoys watching videos on Tik Tok so it is a good platform to sell products. Earning online is now very exciting and enjoyable especially when you are in a live stream. Doing some selling and lucky or hard paid off you will earn a higher amount of money in it.

But it’s not magic at all. There are some techniques and tips on how to earn and make yourself a creative and effective content creator as well.

Top Best Techniques and Tips to have Quality Content when selling kitchen products in Tiktok Philippines 2022

Attend some workshops to enhance and be the best creator

Just like you, I am right to want to make good money on this. So by having workshops before doing some videos and live streams it is good to stand out from the others. Workshops help a lot and you can learn what to focus on and how to sell effectively.

Showing the quality of the product

What and how it is made. Is it durable or stronger and lasts longer for many years? Tell them what product it is and why they made the product. An example of this is making a video of a 360 degrees sponge. You show them what product sponges are made of, whether they will last for a month, is it an antibacterial, or a good quality product to recommend to users.

Explain its usage specifically

Explain where and when it will be used for. It is good to demo the product, try to do it live stream, or create a video on how to do it and how it will be assembled and cleaned after using it.

Recommend ideal hacks to make it useful

It adds plus points to make a sale. DIY hacks and tips sell more with the customers because everyone loves to do it on their own. A one or couple of minutes videos helps you get more audience and click your products to view.

Use some good lighting for the product.

Poor videos and images could not steal customers’ attention. Make it more appealing to the viewers and satisfy them with great video content by using a ring light or DIY bulb light to make your presentation the best and viral too! Dark and poor lighting is ignored so make a good one. The great effort pays off slowly until you get the best of it.

Editing videos

You can use Cap cut or Canva to make videos because you can create videos without watermarks. There are some editing features in Capcut that are ready for editing in TikTok too! I am using these tools and I highly recommend these two! Making cooking videos is also good in Canva.

How to sell Kitchen Products on Tiktok Philippines Effectively?

  • Create some cooking videos with the product.
  • Flex the sample product on hand if it is available. some buyers like to see it. Describe its purpose and usage to make them understand and make them the product.
  • Create videos with hashtags
  • Follow community guidelines
  • Sell Livestream in the best hour…
  • Be a good content creator who entertains viewers and stays longer by doing shout-outs, games, and greetings like birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Sharing some experience with the product whether positive or negative.
  • Apply Stickers Emojis and GIFs to customize the video to attract viewers.
  • Do your best shot and use your strength so you stand out. 
  • Where are you good at? Focus on this. Find your niche like what hobbies you love to do. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to make you more productive.

Sample videos on how to sell kitchen utensils and organizers

Why do viewers and customers love to buy a product when it is tried and tested?

As Filipinos love to hear chikas or tsimis first if they have proven effective or not and useful before trying out to avoid wasting money and energy on something we are not sure about. But because someone is willing to share, we listen, observe and react or respond to it and act according to our personality as individuals.

TikTok monetization requirements 2022 Summary

You can earn money  by

  • Must be 18 years old.
  • If you like to be an affiliate you must have at least 1k followers on Tiktok. Have 1k followers on your Tiktok account to activate Tiktok Shop. Making videos and live streams are the best. Others partner with some sellers or simply add products to the shops and manage them in the showcase to be added while having live streams.
  • Or you can register as a seller to sell your products on-hand directly to customers and pack them while they’re shopping in the yellow shopping bag.
  • 10k followers to enjoy the benefits of earning money by gifts and diamonds from viewers.
  • Be an advertiser in Tiktok to encourage more viewers and customers in selling your product. Click here for more info.
  •  Tiktok Creator Marketplace- This is an official platform for brands and creator collaboration. Read the other information here to provide you with accurate answers when needed. Click the link here.
  • Tiktok Creator Next- This will help the content creator earn money by making quality videos if qualified when joined. This opportunity is not available in all countries perhaps. Check here for more info.

Tiktok Monetization varies from country to country so you must check your account first when you are in another country.

Review Community Guidelines first before doing anything to avoid any misleading contents to create and avoid being banned.