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Cheap and Affordable But Helpful, Trending Kitchen Products Available in Shopee

Choosing good kitchen products is my priority but there are some cheap and affordable goods that are trending nowadays which are also helpful in any way possible while doing house chores.

I listed here what is the best of the best choices you can shop and buy in Shopee. I will also state here why you should buy these products.

These cheap yet affordable products give a little joy to the buyer, with a kilig moment when unboxing their orders from Shopee like me which is also a certified budolera when it comes to purchasing products online.

Here are the products I am talking about which could make you happy a little but saves a lot more than buying those expensive ones. The helpful products I could recommend to buy in Shopee.

Cheap and Affordable but helpful, trending kitchen products that is available in Shopee Stores

 Fish Scale Scraper/Remover

I like this product so much. Easy to use and easy to clean after using it in cleaning the fish.

Convenient to use in scraping or removing the fish scales. It is lighter to hold and grip.

Manufacturer’s Product Description:

✔️Made of ABS and stainless steel material, safe and durable for use

✔️The fish scale remover has teeth that quickly and efficiently remove fish scales, easy to clean the scales from a fish

✔️With the cover design, when the fish scales are scraped off, the scales do not fly, and the operation is convenient.

✔️The washing is convenient, clean, and hygienic, a hole in the side of the handle, you can hang it on the wall

✔️Its small size, tucked away in a bag, and carry along on hikes or fishing expeditions

Chef’s Classics Basics Stainless Steel Y-Peeler

This peeler is a good product of Chef’s Classics. I love to use this because it meets my expectations in a peeler. A good peeler that I can peel with everything of course with fruits and vegetables. I will not worry about rust, the blade is made of stainless steel. If there is rust, it can be wiped off with a nylon sponge.

Manufacturer’s Product Description:

Sleek, stylish, functional, and built to last, the Chef’s Classics line of stainless steel kitchen tools will complete your modern kitchen and make cooking a whole lot easier. Designed with high-grade stainless steel, they are not only durable but also easy to clean.


• 18/8 stainless steel

• Ergonomic stainless steel handles

• Hygienic design ensures easy cleaning of all surfaces

Ulifeshop Kitchen Mini Garlic Grinder/Food Chopper

If you like your spices ground then you better choose this product. Easy to hold and pull the strings. You can just grasp it with just 1 hand and pull it with the other hand without putting it on the surface while processing.

It is affordable too!

Manufacturer’s Product Description:

Food-grade Materials:

Dual 420 stainless steel blades

strong and sharp, rustproof and corrosion-resistant

Ergonomic pulling handle

Pulling cord, Nylon material, after tens of thousands of life tests

Built-in precision gear


Material: ABS   PP   PC   Stainless Steel   Nylon Cord

Product Size: 3.35×3.35×2.76 inches / 8.5×8.5×7.0 cm

Capacity: 170ML

Weight: 0.33 lbs / 0.148 kg

Manual Food Processor

2L PASTEL Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker & Straw

This motivational water bottle got trended because it is an alternative choice for everyone who saves their money from buying the expensive one which is the Aquaflask! They consider buying the product as it helps you motivate in drinking at a specific time. And the color is also beautiful to look at. So, let’s shop for this one! It is cheap but goodies.

Manufacturer’s Product Description:

Motivational Quote & Time Marker

2 Litre gallon water bottle with a motivational quote and time marker on it, the water jug is perfect to ensure you stay motivated and hydrated, and drink enough water throughout the day. Motivational water bottles with straws are widely used for fitness goals including cycling, camping, running, bodybuilding, travel, picnic, and weight loss.

Large Gallon Capacity & Easy to Clean

Let you fall in love with drinking not just because your body needs it. With a wide-mouth design, it is easy to clean and fill with ice cubes or fruits to make your life healthier. One gallon super large capacity which can replenish the moisture loss after you do exercise. A water bottle with a straw goes all the way to the bottom of the bottle so no need to lift the lid to drink. Multiple colors to choose from, making your individuality and style in gyms.

100% BPA Free & Leakproof

QuiFit gallon jug is made of premium food-grade plastic, 100% BPA FREE & TOXIN FREE, odor-free, and healthy for your daily water intake. Design with a waterproof ring and durable straw lid. Aim for no leakage. A large water bottle comes with a variety of vibrant colors. It is an ideal gift for your friends, family, and coworkers to motivate them to stay hydrated and healthy.

Purchase Tips & Use Note

Do not drop it; Not dishwasher safe; Clean with baking soda and vinegar.

2 liters motivational water bottle

7PCS/Set Plastic Measuring Cups with Spoons

The one thing I love about this Baking tool is it comes with a measuring cup that other products do not have. And can be used also as a container for the measuring spoon. You will have nothing to look for with this set of measuring cups and spoons. Go buy this one, I know you can afford it!

Manufacturer’s Product Description:

Its innovative and collapsible design allows you to store the spoons pack within the container this amazing set saves space in your cupboards while being lightweight and portable. 

This measuring spoons and container kit is great for storage, in both large and small kitchens.

Each spoon comes in a different size (with the size number printed on it, so that it won’t rub off).

Measuring cup: diameter: 9cm, height: 13.5cm, capacity: 500ml.

Measuring spoons: capacity: 8cl, 6cl, 15ml, 7.5ml, 5ml, 2.5ml.

Measuring cups and measuring spoon

Affordable Food Dish Cover

A food cover that is so much affordable to buy and to use everyday. Microwavable material, so it is safer and practical to buy. A good product to keep away bugs and insects lingering around the food.

Manufacturer’s Product Description:


Food Dish Cover can be used in the microwave, making your microwave more clean.

Used in refrigerator, dining-table, retain freshness, reduce food flavor.

Integrated vent disc steam valve, two small holes to release steam.

Food-grade PP plastic makes your food more healthy and delicious.

Size:19.5cm, Cover Height:5cm

Affordable food cover

Organizer Box

With its price, no one will notice how cheap it is! Organize your home with this organizer and you will see the result after. You can use it anywhere with everything such as in the bedroom, bathroom, and in the kitchen cupboards. What are you waiting for, grab it now as it is available and there are stocks!

Manufacturer’s Product Description:

★Product Name: Desktop Storage Box

Material: PP

Color: white, apricot, gray

Category: Storage Box



M:   23.5*16*10cm

L: 28.5*19.5*12cm


It can better store things at home, making the desktop or other places more tidy.


There may be some errors in the manually measured size. Within the range of ±1 cm, the actual size should be based on the actual object.

Due to different lighting and shooting conditions, the color of the image may be different from the actual product. Please refer to the actual product.

Household Organizer

Silicone Faucet Drain Pad

While washing dishes in the kitchen it is disturbing when it flows anywhere around the counter, and does not go to the sink. So, thankful for this product there is a solution for one of my problems. I use some bottles to make the water stop flowing anywhere. But with this product my kitchen sink will be neat and tidy! As it catches the water from the faucet. Buy yours now!

Manufacturer’s Product Description:

Keep countertops dry

14.6 x 5.5 inches with adjustable center hole diameter for a snug fit

Kitchen Faucet Sink Splash Guard, 37*14cm – Sink Drain Pad Behind Faucet, Rubber Drying Pad for Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Protection

Material: tpr material

Packing: OPP bag


Please allow 1-2cm difference due to manual measurement.

Due to different monitors and different lighting, the pictures may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

Silicon Faucet Drain Pad

Adjustable Retractable Kitchen Sink Water Splash Guard

My clothing is always wet washing in the kitchen sink with dishes and when preparing food. The water runs towards me as it is flowing rapidly. I don’t wear a waterproof apron  when washing, so this product is highly the best for me. And for you of course! To keep my clothes wet I need this retractable kitchen sink splash proof. Check yours too!

Manufacturer’s Product Description:


100% brand new and high quality.

The splash-proof device is made of TPR, which is light and durable.

It prevents water from splashing onto your clothes or floor when you wash dishes.

Easy to install and dismantle, no assembly required, firm suction cup can be fixed, suitable for kitchen sink, bathroom sink, etc.

Application: Kitchen Sink Basin Oven

Function: Oil or water splash sink baffle

Material: TPR

Color: sent in random

Telescopic range: 28-49.8 cm

Retractable Water Splash Proof Tool

Quick-Drying Towel for Kitchen and Bathroom

This is a lovely quick drying towel to use in my hand. It is a soft chenille. It comes in different color but I love this with gray and white as it matches the color of the bathroom we have.

Manufacturer’s Product Description:


100% New and High Quality!

Material: Chenille

Size:length*width 19*19cm


Color:gray, white,blue

Quick Drying Chenille Towel

Multifunctional Brush Bottle Cleaner

It is hard to clean bottles, especially the lids. There is no brush just for cleaning the lids that are hard to clean.There are parts that cannot be reached by an ordinary brush. I am happy they make this multi-purpose brush which can clean the whole bottle and also the lid. Satisfaction is expected when you get and find a good product without buying the expensive but only with affordable yet helpful products.

Manufacturer’s Product Description:

Unique design: The spiral brush can get into the narrow groove or the inner wall of the lid to remove dirt. For cleaning hard to reach places such as inside tea kettles, wine decanters, coffee filters, jugs, flasks, cups, tumblers, feeders, flower vases, kettle, straw, teapot and much more

Good job: Bevel corner brush, easy to clean sponge out of reach, complex parts of the structure. Easily remove the non – removable gasket from the container and clean it

High quality: no more toxic plastics. It is made of only food grade, BPA-free, recyclable materials for our water bottle. Food grade material, harm to human health

Multi-function: The bottle mini brush can thoroughly remove corners, crevices, and cup lid stains

Easy to clean: If there is dirt, please use soapy water and a cleaning brush to clean it

Color: Random / Assorted

Multifunctional bottle cleaner

Seasoning/Spices Bottle Kitchen Dispensers

It is so affordable to buy! This jar for spices and seasoning makes it last longer as expected. Convenient to use because it comes with a spoon attached to the lid which is easy to scoop. Buy it to try! It is cheap but helpful to organize your kitchen.

Manufacturer’s Product Description:

Name: seasoning bottle

Applicable space: home

Material: borosilicate glass

Package includes

1 *seasoning bottle

【Before you buy】

Do not approach high temperature fire sources

For maintenance, please use a soft cloth to clean. Do not use hard materials such as steel balls to clean.

Avoid contact or scratching with sharp objects to avoid scratches

Spices Dispenser

Final Thought

There is some difference between buying expensive  and lower price products. Some are cheap, and some have been trending for a while now. But if you benefit and can save a lot of money by buying at such a low price why not buy it? They’re helpful in keeping everything in place too! So, think about it and then click to buy before it runs out of stock, Girl!