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Best Unhealthy Foods Versus Healthy Foods Tips You Will Read This Year

unhealthy versus healthy foods
Unhealthy foods versus healthy foods

Love everything about food home-cooked or take out?

Trying to figure out what is healthy or not in the food you eat every day?

Locked up or quarantined this pandemic and all you think is food but you need to be healthy?

As a mom, I also love to cook and I love food as I love myself. Serving healthy, nutritious, and delicious food is my priority for the family. So, I find what food is healthy or not when preparing meals for them.
When the pandemic came, everybody stay at home cooking and taking out orders is the only option. And the worst part is that we sometimes forget what is unhealthy and healthy food we eat because of what’s happening in this pandemic. And now, vaccinated people can go out. We can go anywhere we want now and buy food, and those we missed eating our favorite food before the pandemic. Before these things will happen, let me help you to learn what nutritious food to eat!
In this article, I will help you differentiate unhealthy from healthy foods, create a list of what are healthy foods and not. I will also tackle the cause and effect of unhealthy and healthy food.

Differentiate unhealthy foods from healthy food. What foods to avoid and what are healthy foods?

We love to eat and we also like to create new recipes and dishes to eat. Sometimes we thought we just eat healthy food but that is not the case. Healthy foods provide our bodies with what nutrients we need. Our body needs these nutrients to retain energy and protect us against any diseases. So, a healthy diet is essential for us. Here is the list of healthy food we can eat, prepare, and buy.

A. What are healthy foods

Healthy foods provide our bodies with what nutrients we need. Our body needs these nutrients to retain energy and protect us against any diseases. So, a healthy diet is essential for us. Here is the list of healthy food we can eat, prepare, and buy.

1. Fresh Fruits

Eating fresh fruits is the best alternatives for junk foods during snack time. We get Vit. C and Fiber for eating citrus fruits as well as mangoes, watermelon, and papaya.

2. Fresh Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables provide a lot of benefits to our body. We can steam, blanch, and cook them with soup. Salad is also great to together with fruits and a little mayonnaise in it.

3. Meat and Poultry

The egg is good for our brain and keeps our brain functioning for the whole day. Cook in hard-boiled, beaten and fried egg, sunny side up. Lean meat gives us protein for building blocks of bones and repairing cells.

4. Nuts and seeds

These are good sources of healthy fats and protein. Examples are almonds, pecans, sesame seeds, walnuts, and chia seeds.

5. Grain

The source of Fiber and Vit B complex. Help our body to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. examples are oatmeal, brown rice, barley popcorn Whole-wheat bread, millet, Buckwheat, and quinoa.

6. Seafood

The ocean has so much food to offer for us. They are exemplary tasty and good.
Fish, shellfish, seashells, and seaweeds are nutritious and loaded with protein and Vitamin D

B. What are unhealthy foods?

Unhealthy foods are called junk foods, full of artificial flavorings and lack of nutrition. It has high in sodium, sugar, fat/calories. It affects is by getting tooth decay for high sugar intake. We can be obese or being overweight and get some chronic disease by eating unhealthy foods every day.

1. Sugary drinks

Gives you a refreshing feeling, added with fruit flavorings and vitamins but it is not true though.

2. Sweets

High in sugar content like cakes and cookies, candies and chocolates

3. Fast foods

Heading to fast foods is good when out of time preparing food. Examples are pizzas, burgers, and chips

4. Sweetened Fruit juices

Artificial colors and flavorings are added to them, high in sugar. Soda and fruit juices are a big no, no.

5. Fried and grilled food

We love to cook and eat fried or grilled but when food is fried and grilled it released chemicals that can cause cancer.

6. French fries and potato chips

Potato when fried turned junk foods because of its high in fat and sodium, lots of salt content. It contains acrylamide that could risk cancer.

7. Processed foods

Foods that are high in sugar, fats, and sodium content. Examples are hotdogs, bacon, nuggets, ham, luncheon meat, and canned goods, breakfast cereals, cheese, bread, ready meals.

8. Alcoholic drinks

This will help us relax and get better for a short time but will affect our health and can cause health problems.

By learning what food to eat that is best for everyone and the family. These keys to eating healthy habits will unlikely you to get a chronic disease. So, make life to the fullest by eating this healthy food I have on the list.

What is the cause and effect of eating unhealthy foods?

The cause and effect of unhealthy eating foods are sometimes unnoticed until major changes negatively happen. Hope this will help you aware of what will happen if we don’t keep our diet balanced.

Causes of eating unhealthy foods.

The excessive desire for food and always favoring tasty foods lead to poor nutrition and undereating or overeating nutritious foods. Others are not having enough foods to eat or food with nutrients on the table results in eating poor quality foods that is why they turn to junk foods as fast foods are tastier and tempting, less expensive. And when others are busy at work, they were likely no time at home preparing food to eat so they choose to buy ready-to-eat meals.

Effects of unhealthy eating.

Obesity is a condition by accumulating too much fat in the body. Consuming too much sugar can lead to being overweight.
Also unhealthy skin and nails, poor skin results from not eating food high in vitamins and minerals. You will look older than those eating healthier foods younger looking and fresh. Increase risk in chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Poor development in children nowadays because they love to eat fast foods as its captivating in look and taste. Poor development will occur if lots of food intake is so much as they grow older and malnourished.

How to avoid unhealthy foods?

The key to eating healthy habits is avoiding junk foods as much as possible to make your body healthier and low risk of diseases. Little changes in daily habits have a big difference in getting nutrition for a healthier lifestyle.

1. Start with fruits and vegetables

First, eat fruits and vegetables every day, add some seafood to your diet like fish that is high in protein, calcium, and omega 3 fatty acid.

2. Love yourself

Be responsible for your health. Don’t hesitate to say no if someone invites you to a junk food party if you’re on a healthy diet.

3. Start to learn how to cook

You can buy raw foods as it’s less cheap and learn how to cook. Learning how to cook gives you ideas about what healthy foods to eat and inspires you to do it every day. Plus you will get ideas on how you spend to help budget your income. If you are not the type of person with no interest in cooking, trust me the basic and simples steps on how to cook are enough then you will learn along the way.

4. Familiarize nutrition facts and per calorie

Be familiar with the nutrition facts of packaging when buying foods. Learn to read every ingredient from the food package and measure every calorie per serving.

6. Less sugar foods

Exchange white rice or bread with red rice, it has more benefits you will get. Root tubers are good for our body too! It will provide dietary energy of carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals as well. Cut out with sweets, sweet foods are the most likely hard to eliminate in a healthy diet. Most solid fats like cakes, pastries, and ice cream are added with so much sugar.

7. Hydrate with water

Drink 8 glasses of water every day. Water intake makes you less hungry with unhealthy food and keeps you hydrated for the whole day.

8. Exercise everyday

And lastly, exercise every day! Regular exercise improves health and mood. Keeps you away from thinking of junk foods.


In our daily lives, healthy and unhealthy foods surround us. We can choose, what to eat and what can satisfy us. If you eat unhealthy food be sure there’s balance and moderation. Who won’t love junk foods? Nobody because junk foods give our taste buds a satisfying feeling of everything. We just need to educate ourselves.