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15 Best Useful (But Important) Things To Remember Facts About Garlic + Surprising Tips

Do you love the smell of garlic?

There’s plenty of garlic but you don’t what to do about it?

First, let’s know what garlic is. It is a pungent bulb, a bulbous flowering plant that is related to the family of onions, chives, and leeks. It has a flesh section called cloves. Scientific Name is Allium Sativum. According to Wikipedia: Etymology; The word garlic derives from Old English GARLEAC, meaning gar( spear) and leek, as a spear-shaped leek.

There’s plenty to do with garlic in our daily lives from cooking, repelled and medication. Garlic can be used for cooking and medicinal purposes a thousand years ago in China and Egypt. Up to now, it is used around the world as an ingredient in recipes in cooking.

15 Useful Facts about Garlic

Garlic plays an important role as we all know garlic is an ingredient but there’s more amazing about garlic.

1.Herbal Medicine

A medicinal plant that was used as traditional medicine before. IT has anti-inflammatory properties that strengthen the immune system. Can treat cough and cold and most of all treat cardiovascular disease. It is so helpful that it is one of the ingredients in making medicine for treating after a heart attack, the component of garlic oil.

2. Insect repellent

A mosquito cannot stand the smell of garlic Consuming it will act as a mosquito repellent because of these sulfur compounds but there is no scientific proof.

3. Snake Repellent

I remember when I was younger my mother will put some garlic under our roof to protect us from the snakes not to crawl inside our house. I was told when snakes smelled the garlic it will go away, garlic repelled the snakes because of its strong smell. From that time I got curious about garlic.

4. Ingredient in cooking recipes/meals

It is used for every dish made in the kitchen from frying to basting we use garlic as it tastes good and completes our dishes. Without garlic a dish will taste nothing, it will be bland.

a. Freshly Minced Garlic

Peeled and use immediately. As one of the ingredients in cooking dishes, crush some cloves with the knife you can chop the cloves until minced as you desired. The aroma of garlic is so enticing when put in the pan with vegetable oil but do not high heat the flame in putting the garlic when frying as it will burn quickly and will taste bitter.

b. Garlic powder

Called a spice, served as flavor enhancement in cooking and marinating foods. It is a clove of fresh garlic, dried and dehydrated.

c. Garlic flakes

Same as garlic powder, dried and dehydrated. Use in recipes such as sauce, seasoning for meat, or soups and stews. Instead of Bfresh garlic, we use flakes as they have the same flavor and are tasty. Best in fried rice to add garlicky flavor yum, it was so good!

d. Roasted Garlic

Roasted in oven or oven toaster for 2 to 30 mins. Best for to used in pasta and cream or toppings. Some garlic lovers will eat it directly out of the heads.

5. There are 2 types of Garlic

I alone did not know that there are types of garlic or I am not aware it why there are some other colors in every garlic. But then when I did searching I discover a lot about garlic and the 2 types.

a. Hard-necked garlic

Porcelain, rocambole, and purple stripe garlic, these species have a scape which like a little tube comes from the bulb up to the neck. Some of it has a purple stripe in color. Rocambole is quite popular in the US because of its smell and is best to eat raw.

b. Soft-neck garlic

Artichoke garlic, silverskin garlic, and creole garlic- Prefer Milder Climate like Spain, Columbia, Italy, and Mexico. You can easily buy it in any grocery store and easy to identify it too. There is no scape and contains cloves. Mild in flavor and quicker to mature than with hard-neck.

6. Black garlic

In Korea, the garlic heads are heated over several weeks are called Black Garlic, taste sweet and syrupy, and are exported to the US, UK, and Australia. It is an anti-oxidants and used for treating Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s as to improve good memory.
Korea developed it for health products as it has more benefits and they got the idea of cooking it in humid for a very long time to preserve its health benefits. It is also used in many recipes as of today as everyone knows it tries to make an interesting dish with black garlic.

black garlic
black garlic

7. Elephant garlic

A little plant that belongs to Allium, an onion genus. it has an allicin compound from garlic and synpropanethial-S-oxide found in onion and leeks. Tall, flowering stalk and flat leaves. Mild garlic flavor and thought of as giant garlic but it’s relative of onion and leeks. I also got intimidated by this I think they’re relative but I was wrong though and I add this because of its name for you to be aware also. Elephant garlic will only produce one single bulb that doesn’t in the first season, the fall and the in summer you will like got cloves as it will spread from one single bulb.

e garlic 1

8. Health Benefits

Garlic’s health benefits are exceptional as we can use it for lowering high cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, and being anti-inflammatory to boost a strong immune system. Good for the skin and improve good memory. Have properties loaded with anti-oxidants with anti-fungal and antibacterial

9. Long shelves life

Garlic lasts long for some time a year depending on how you store it like storing it in a basket or mesh bag. By hanging them in a medium humid place for a longer life shelf. Unpeeled garlic heads will last three to six months a room temperature, avoid direct sunlight and keep it in a cool and dark, dry place. The single cloves of it will last about three weeks and chopped or minced garlic will last only a day. When putting in the fridge, use zip locks to avoid an unpleasant smell.

10. Garlic breathe

After eating garlic you will have this strong smell comes out from your mouth when talking. Garlic has a sulfur compound that can affect your breath because of its strong odor called garlic breath.

11. Wild Garlic

Also called ramsons. This wild garlic plant is the best of all garlic because all of its parts, from bulb to flowers everything is edible. it is native to some parts of Europe and Asia. That be seen in the woods, down by the stream in the moist land. Wild garlic also has medicinal qualities according to Wikipedia for treating cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive system diseases. High in Minerals found in it than garlic cloves like magnesium. The leaves are most useful as it is popular to use in food. The stem of these plants can be added to a salad as garnish including its flowers. The bulb can be used like as we used garlic cloves in any way.

wild garlic
wild garlic

12. Garlic Bread

A recipe with freshly minced and chopped garlic cloves added with butter and parsley or chives for better aroma. Brush to add in the bread then toasts in the oven or in a pan.

bread garlic

13. Garlic mushroom

Love with garlic means trying every dish with it. Garlic mushrooms are best served in dinner as a side dish or appetizer.

14. Garlic sauce

Simply made with garlic and other ingredients such as
butter and mayonnaise. This sauce tasted pungent and the garlicky flavor is wonderful to taste. It can be also added as an ingredient to add flavor to any dish. There are many types of garlic sauce evolved depending on what ingredients are added with garlic.

15. Toothache Remedy

Garlic has antibacterial properties to help toothache pain relief. I did it sometime in the past when I had a toothache and it worked. Just crush some fresh garlic, mash it to make a paste, or put a little size depending on what makes you feel better.

See! How garlic works in our everyday life! Hope this helpful idea with garlic cloves I shared with you about solving your problems about what to do more with garlic.