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13 Strategies on How to Get Rid of Ants Instantly at Home In Practical Ways

Are you tired of doing everything to keep ants away?

Do you consider ants a nuisance and an everyday problem?

Looking for one single day of stress-free from disturbing ants?

Tired of thinking about how to get rid of ants?

Ants are everywhere except continent Antarctica and in some small remote islands such as Greenland, Iceland, and Hawaii. That is why we can always see ants everywhere, invading every home and damaging building structures. Ants make our life stressful as they will never go away and keep on coming back looking for food and water source. And if they’re attacked or disturbed, ants defend by biting as their common reaction but some ants will sting and inject chemicals into their enemies. There are thousands of species of ants, some are dangerous and many are harmless. But we need to be careful because ants can carry bacteria and parasites. Ants are not clean even though we thought they are cute enough not to be contaminated.

There’s no such thing as making ants permanently but we can use methods such as biological, chemical, and physical methods to eliminate them.

This blog will give you ideas on how to get rid of those ants and keep them not coming back for a long time as you are consistent in what are you doing to keep them away.

13 Effective ways on how to get rid of ants instantly.

1. Throw garbage in a proper disposal

copy of natural coffee brand presentation 2

Proper throwing of garbage in the dustbin by segregating recycled and biodegradable materials will keep ants foraging through garbage cans. When there is garbage there is also a colony of ants nearby circling the area hoping for food resources to get. Left-over foods and some biodegradable materials should be composted for decomposition.

Empty trash bins and clean every day if necessary after being used during the night. This way helps a lot better than waking up the following morning where your trash bins are full of ants.

2. Clean every corner and surroundings.

Have a deep cleaning once a week to spot some hidden dirt and leftover foods or some scratch under the appliances, furniture, and fixtures that could catch ants’ attention. Inspect all corners and outside of your home. Throw things not in use to keep the area clean and tidy.

3. Cut out their food source

We can cut out their food sources by not giving them any chance to smell some food and water sources around our home. We have to be vigilant all the time to not let these ants’ colonies make their way. They are so smart at finding a source of food as the forager ants love to look for food even if it’s too dark at night.

4. Using a sealant

If you have a new cabinet filled the gaps with caulking to close them. Ants can make their way easier when gaps lefts unclosed. Use sealants that will last for a long time and are effective for shutting down insects and bugs for this will become a problem in the future if your house is old enough, ants’ nests are under your house whether you allow it or not. I experienced it where I cannot find any solution to what to do with them when they’re coming back after you cleaned their trail.

5. Spray vinegar

copy of natural coffee brand presentation 7
copy of natural coffee brand presentation 7

Spraying a half cup of vinegar and half a cup of water will kill those ants the moment you see them. You can also use straight vinegar in the group of ants. Wipe the countertops and floor with vinegar spray to repel the ants. you can also add it to the water with your damp cloth when cleaning around the house while vinegar help your surface shiny through the day.

6. Cover food and keep them sealed.

 Never leave food unattended for a long time. Don’t leave food out open in the kitchen. Cover food with food containers and food covers to protect them from ants.

7. Stacks some herbs

You can use cinnamon leaves, bay leaf, garlic, peppermint, and eucalyptus leaves. It used to repel ants in a natural way. Some people would like to use organic repellants

8. Cracked  Eggshell

Eggshell is organic pest control in backyard gardening. If you eat eggs every day you can save those eggshells, crack them, and put them on ants’ colonies hiding in soil or in an area where you have seen many ants. This will help your plants away from ants when you have a garden of flowers and vegetables.

9. Boiling water with soap

You can put boiling water with soap at the ant’s home but it is temporary as some ants will find another place to build their home if you can’t kill all of the ants. The hot water would kill some of the ants but all of them.

10. Follow the trail

Follow the trail where they come from. This is the most important when you want these ants to disappear in every corner of your house then you can decide what is the best to do to make them go away. This is what I always do when I see a trail of ants. I followed where the trail ends so I could make an end of the ants lingering around the house.

11. Using the chemical method

Using chemicals like insecticides helps a lot to make ants disappear but we have to consider the area where they will be applied. Using some empty cans and plastic containers or anything that will hold powder baits is good.

There are lots of chemicals we can use. Examples are click baits, insecticide spray, and homemade solution products like boric acid to get rid of ants.

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12. Call for experts

 Finding pest control professionals in your area is the answer to your problems with ants that keep popping in your house. Experts’ knowledge and expertise will help you how to eliminate ants’ colonies when everything is not working. If you already tried everything you could but nothing happens then it is time to talk with them to solve your problems with ants.

13. Cleanliness is Godliness

There are no ants when there is no source of food for them. So, make cleaning a habit every day in the areas used to prepare food to get rid of ants. You can sleep soundly in the night knowing the house will be ants-free the next morning.

Extra Tip:

Put some baby powder or talcum powder on the ant trail, this will create a barrier to stop coming back to their nest. Ants will get killed instantly as they can’t breathe with the powder. The same goes with cornstarch if you have it available in your kitchen storage try to spread some to their nest to rid these zesty ants.

It is not easy to deal with ants every day while taking care of all of the things. Do what is necessary to make your life better without ants around your house.