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11 Safety Tips For Toddlers In The Kitchen To Be Worry-Free

Toddlers love to be with us as they are clingy and need our attention so we have to keep them safe in every possible way to avoid accidents in the kitchen. Their age likes to grasp everything within their reach. As they are growing they have skills to learn so they are exploring and enjoying everything like there is no danger.

Parents, family, and relatives let us ensure their safety while in the kitchen. I’m writing this blog on how to keep toddlers away from harm while running around the kitchen when you’re cooking food and washing dishes at the same time looking after them.

Safety tips for toddlers in the kitchen:

1. Free your countertops with kitchen utensils.

Put kitchen utensils in order and label them in cupboards or drawers. Separate them with containers for easy to find. Keep sharp objects like knives, scissors, and cutleries in the drawer with safety locks.

2. Disinfect your kitchen for hygenic purposes.

Disinfecting the area and counters once a week for hygienic purposes. Some germs and bacteria hide there. Sponges will be changed once every 2 weeks. Cutting board soak and clean with bleach. The sink will be disinfected with disinfectants. Have a separate chopping board for vegetables, fruits, and meat. It will help salmonella not to spread in your food while preparing.

3. De-Clutter your kitchen.

Clean corners thoroughly. Throwing away those unnecessary boxes made the area available for things to put in. Receipts and other papers are considered garbage so better to put them away. Plastic Bags can be cluttered when not organized. Buy plastic bags organizers for easy to find.

4. Stack those fragile items high.

Toddlers try to reach everything they can so the higher you store it the safer for them. Glasses and bowls are best to be put in high cupboards and kitchen appliances.

5. Keep electrical cables and wires out of reach for toddlers.

Unplug devices and devices, not in use. Use plastic cover sockets in outlets, toddlers love to stick anything into a socket. Put poisonous liquid away from their sight and label to avoid mistakes.

6. Put poisonous liquid away from their sight.

The poisonous liquid must not be put under the sink because of easy to open. Building a cabinet for poisonous materials is ideal. Label each bottle to avoid mistakes. Have a safety latch where it will be hidden.

7. Don’t leave toddlers in the kitchen alone.

When they’re alone toddlers will do whatever they want that will get their attention. Curiosity is their thing while no one is watching. For their safety, you must leave them with older ones to avoid guilty feelings afterward if any incidents occur and it is the best.

8. Have a children-friendly environment.

A child-friendly kitchen avoids dangers every day. You can buy a high chair and convertible table and chair to help things out for both of you. Make the kitchen the second room they grow. Toddlers’ safety is our number one priority so it is best for the home that is free from any danger for the child.

9. Get them familiar with some things they are curious about and explain its usage.

When times come, let your child be involved in the kitchen, let them explore things. At 2 years, a toddler can identify things already. Help them familiarize the purpose of each appliance, utensils, and kitchen tool. When and where to be used.

10. Baby-proofing every corner of your kitchen and around the house.

Proofing the inside of your house, especially the kitchen, helps you get toddlers away from accidents. Cover those dents, add a corner protector for anti-collision.

11. Food safety and storage.

Practice storing food in a fridge, in a transparent container. Cover, date, and label are easy to read. What first in will be first out in storing food. Always check the food before bringing them to the table. Food poisoning must be avoided not only for the child but for the whole family.

It is not easy Momma having a toddler and I feel you because I am also into it. Multi-tasking
Is hard but we got this! We are super mommas that are given a wonderful and lovely gift from God, our children. Let them explore things to widen their cognitive and sensory development. As long as we guide and watch them, no harm will happen unto them
. Always remember the safety tips for toddlers to avoid any accidents and worry-free every day.

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Are you happy? Did I give you ideas on how to take care of our toddlers while busy in the kitchen? I will listen and I like to hear your questions and any recommendations.