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10 Best Spices Highly Suggested You Must Have In The Kitchen – Beginners Guide

Out of ingredients when there is a family dinner on the weekend?
Looking for a list of spices to buy? Don’t know what spices are all about?

Spices are aromatic or pungent vegetable substances used to flavor food, e.g. cloves, pepper, or cumin. It is a must in every cooking because it adds aroma to our food like flavoring, seasoning, relishing, and also for garnish. Without spices, food is bland to taste and can’t be appreciated by your loved ones so make the best of it to have a wonderful and flavorful dinner for everyone while enjoying the gatherings or on any occasion.

Making choices of what spices you could buy at any grocery store takes time. Here is the list of spices you must have.

  1. Black Pepper
    The black pepper is the most need in every dish along with the other. It will add more taste and so much flavor in every recipe from soup to the main dish and also be used for seasoning.
  2. Paprika
    Made of dried and ground red pepper and comes from the family of chili peppers. Commonly used is Spanish paprika. This spice adds color and flavor to the dish if you don’t want to add chili pepper to your dish a dash of paprika will be the alternative for the spiciness.
  3. Garlic Powder
    It is dehydrated garlic and used for flavor enhancement, can be used also for garnish and pair with black pepper and salt. The scent of the garlic powder is more appealing and appetizing.
  4. Rosemary
    A spice herb, dried rosemary is used for flavor foods best in meat and potatoes there fragrant and aromatic smell can take your dish to a new level of cuisine. Used for stuffing, roast, and also in basting.
  5. Cinnamon
    Aromatic condiments and flavoring to your snacks, breakfast cereals, and toast or in any cuisine or sweet dishes are so much satisfying.
  6. Chili Powder
    Dried red chili powder is used for a seasoning mix, flavor, or garnish in every dish to achieved the spiciness you desire when adding to your dish.
  7. Cumin
    Can be used ground or whole to add flavor and aroma. This spice is great with adobos and also in Mexican and Indian Dishes.
  8. Oregano
    Part of Italian cuisine as pizza’s, roasting, fried and grilled meats and fish.. Dried leaves of oregano tasted flavorful than those fresh ones. This will work also with chili powder and paprika.
  9. Cayenne Pepper
    Want some hot spicy dish? Go with cayenne pepper as it is used to add a spicy flavor.
  10. Thyme
    Flavor for meats and stews, dairy products like eggs, and meat. Good for stuffing.

All of these spices are a big help in any kitchen to make our food really good and superb. Herbs and spices are medicinal and have many benefits you can get. So what are you waiting for!

I have a video of what these spices are. Here is the video!

Grab this list and enjoy buying your spices along with your ingredients. Have fun and let me know if want something to add to our list.